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Welcome to the Comic-Makers-Club!


Our group focuses on comics! Making them and reading them! We are dedicated to supporting and assisting comic makers, as well as provide comic readers with plenty of new comics coming in daily!


:bulletred:I. :pointr: You may submit only once a day.

:bulletgreen:II. :pointr: We do not accept Work In Progress pieces. We also do not allow sketch comics. Your submission must be a completed page, or strip that is easy to read and needs no further edits.

:bulletblue:III. :pointr: This is a comic club, we only accept comics, and the occasional original comic character bio (in full color and only in the Character Bio section). We do not accept illustration artwork of comicbook characters; we really prefer full comic pages or comic covers. That being said, we do allow you to post advertisements (that are print ready pieces you would hang in a display window) in the Promotion folder, and pictures of your table and such from conventions in the Conventions folder.

:bulletpurple:IV. :pointr: Do not harass other members! Be supportive, this is a safe environment. Constructive criticism only, and only when requested. Harassment includes: Slandering anyone, not respecting the "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" rule, posting hate art, spamming, generally being a jerk.

We also have a Job Posting board, for if you are looking for partners in creating a comic, and a commission page for if you are offering commissions, or seeking someone to commission.

=====More Info=====

We aren't for people who simply love comics and do a lot of fanart and illustrations from Marvel or DC... We are for small companies, publishers, groups, and individuals who want to get their comics out there. We want to help those who have an idea for a comic, but lack the ability to draw, as well as those who can draw but need help with an idea. We want to help set up websites and edit comics for members, help them be seen at conventions and host contests to keep people inspired!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to contact RavynCrescent via Note.

Gallery Folders

18+ Adults Only

Mature Content

Dosni Beniz by 1gga
Dolan Junkies by 1gga
Dolan Yoga by 1gga

Mature Content

Joey Lynx: Wildcat Detective #4 Cover by MTJpub
Character Sheets
Lacking a Name- Pekolu Reference by LackingaName-Comic
Jezebel 'Cunning' Cobra by oogaboogaz
Eva - Meta-Evolution Character Reference by DaveHz
Dawn Darwin - Meta-Evolution Character Reference by DaveHz
Fan Comics
My little Spike: Bikini is Magic (Page 1?) by Catifornia
ES' Shorts 142: ''Pathetic Measures - Aftermath'' by EStories
ES' Shorts 141: ''Consequences'' by EStories
Super Rita: Estelle Strikes Back Pg 13 by SegaDisneyUniverse
Graphic Novels II
Starquake Book.1 Ch.2 pg.35 by YunikoYokai
White Tail Pg 23 by SleepySundae
Chapter 11: All The Things She Said - 2 by DevanMuse
Crisis in Riverton pg 1 by Wonder-Cartoonist
Animations + Literature
Invasion_ Reboot Cover by ArtFurry
Pocket Trust by Jops556
Security Breach by Jops556
Cover by glitchyberry
Memes and Expression Sheets
Square up B by Chris-Star-Fer
I am... THE MEME THIEF by Chris-Star-Fer
Anime coloring tutorial by Esther-Shen
Supergirl 2018 Step by Step by barfast

Mature Content

Gath Chronicles Issue05 preview03 by misterprickly
The Serratus Anterior by Max-Manga
Promotonal Material - Posters
I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN promo poster by minkura
GC issue06v01 coloured front cover ext PREVIEW by misterprickly
Map of Discourse cover WIP by GearGades

Mature Content

Gath Chronicles Issue05 preview04 by misterprickly
Insert Witty Phrase Here
cod fanboys are a bunch of children by deanmatthewbernardo
Confidence? by mrgardenart
circle of drawing by mrgardenart
My Teacher the Lion #4 by JackOrJohn
Blue - Page 94 by HunterBeingHunted
Korg 2020 T-Shirt Pre-Order Sale by AlecFritz
X Single Page Comics FULL
Qadosh (page 1) by hrwilliams
XOC Comics Full
Kool-Aid by Supa-Syrex
XOriginal Character Comics-FULL
Misadventure of the Scavengers pg 53 by GearGades
X Manga- FULL
Confusa Tenebris Pg 6 by minushumanity
X OC Comics Full
XOriginal Character Comics- FULL
The Labyrinth 2.0 by kartunistaW
Serious Engineering - Brigadoon page 29 by RomanJones
Astra Animus: Chapter Five by GeneralEcchi
XFan Character Comics - FULL
Wendy's Commercial by HGWizard
Single Page Comics
Self-Control by BobBlaster
Dogstar: Chapter 5 - Page 20 by BVW
Original Caracter Comics
Dogstar: Chapter 6 - Page 13 by BVW

Newest Members

EDIT: Here is a link to the GoFundMe page.…

Hello Members!

If anyone is looking for someone to help them with a comic, with character art, or covers . . . even needs help creating a coloring book to sell, or illustrations next to poetry and such, my two friends, Theo and Elizabeth Ashford are currently offering major discounts on their work.

Right now . . . they are living in a room at a Motel 6. They lost their apartment a short while ago and are really, truly struggling to make things happen. They left Portland Oregon and are in Seattle, Washington right now. They could badly use some help! Their ideal goal is to have a place where the two of them and their two cats can stay together (most shelters don't take couples, hardly any take people with pets), and Theo just got a job as an on call security guard. In this job, he must be clean, with ironed clothes every time he is called in, he must be ultra tidy and presentable, so being on the street isn't an option if he wants to keep his job, which he really does.

Anyone in the area who might be able to help out is more than encouraged to contact either of them through the facebook pages I linked to each of their names.

Anyone else who even just has a couple bucks to spare, please see their GoFundMe page, or contact them about a paypal or facebook donation.

Anyone interested in having a comic done, or in need of any artwork, this is a good chance to not only get something affordable, but to know that you are saving people who are frequently just hours away from being on the street. . . this is a hand UP not a hand OUT. Theo has a job, Elizabeth does online commissions, they are very close to being stable and just need a little help getting on their feet.

Theo is also a published author who does book covers at a very discounted rate, so be sure to drop by his Amazon page when you have a moment, as even book sales or sharing their stuff will help them out. Elizabeth is an artist and her Etsy page has a lot of great coloring pages and examples of what she can do.
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We display our affiliates at random, so please refresh the page to see more and more of them!


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BabyPandu Featured By Owner May 7, 2018  Professional General Artist
Hi there!

My name is Danyelle, but most people either call me Dany or Panda. I'm just a part time comic creator. I have yet to finish one fully do to school complications, but I hope to change that soon. 

I tend to make comics in romantic fantasy settings, my only one I'm working on now is called Mythics. QwQ 

Thank you for accepting me,
panda <3
DaveHz Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I've finished submitting my characters' character sheets, next will be the comic pages.

However, I have this Character Height Comparison I would like to submit. Admittedly, it does not contain any more info than the standalone character sheets other than providing a comparison between the characters both visually and in terms of abridged info in it's description. It also acts as a character hub from which to jump into the standalones as this is the only one linked in the description of every comic page.

May I/should I submit it?

RavynCrescent Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018  Professional Artisan Crafter
It doesn't really fit what this group welcomes, so I'd just keep it as a special on your page.
DaveHz Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool, thanks for the reply :)
DaveHz Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I was wondering what the correct folder would be for a comic that has only OCs but it's set in the world of an existing franchise.

Fan Comics? Or Original Character Comics.

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