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Submitted on
May 2, 2012


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This is our Job Offerings Board. It is so that members, and non-members, can find our members who are seeking services.  

If you are offering a service, I recommend our Commission Board for you to post your offer, as well as checking here to see if anyone requires a service you provide.

If you have a better paying project, such as one with a set per-page price, we welcome you to write up a journal post about it, so that more people will see it. We only allow this to be done for proper "jobs", meaning there is compensation for the work being done. Please remember that artists/editors/writers/web designers/ graphic designers/ everyone here works hard on what they do, and so "free" work isn't to be expected. If you post an offering and no one applies, try seeing if you can alter your budget around, and check the Commission Board to see if anyone is willing to work within your price range.

Keep in mind, it is a good idea to contact multiple people as each one is offering different benefit/payments and have different needs. We're only providing their names and how to contact them, as well as any specific requests for auditions, but if you need more information, please contact us, as we have a list of what each person is seeking and can help you pick out the ones that fit your offering the best.

When you have found who you need contact us so we can remove you

If you wish to be added to this journal, look at the end of this post for information.

We are not asking that if you are able to offer certain benefits/payment, please at least put that you have some items to offer and want to work it out with the individual(s) involved

In the Menu, you can select what you are to see who has posted seeking your skill.
We have two new sections: Publicist and Graphic Artist. If you are a publicist, your interested in helping people advertise their work.
Graphic Artists create websites/banners/promotional material and may assist in finding hosting sources as well as places to get things made/printed. (You may not do everything, but if you do anything in that area, it's counted.)


  • I am an artist/penciler
  • I am a writer
  • I am an editor
  • I am a colorist
  • I am an inker
  • I am a publicist
  • I am a graphic artist
  • I am Something Else
    • =======Seeking Artists=======

      Seeking an artist for long-term SciFi project
      Preferred Genres/Styles: Between manga and realistic
      Audition: I would like to see possible character test sketches
      Contact Info: </p> --


      Seeking an artist for a 12-issue re-imagining of Joan Of Arc's life.


      Best way to contact me: Note me on my DA.



      Contact Info: (I'm rarely on Deviant Art, so it's best you email me if you're looking to hook something up).


      I am looking for a very detail oriented and awesome artist who can draw creepy disturbing images

      Contact Info: Please email me at



      Contact Info: DA and email both work. (email is

      =======Seeking Writers=======


      Best way of Contact: Skype (mst3kman) or yahoo ( or email (

      =======Seeking Editors=======


      Contact Info: Note on DA, if not answered in a week, try again.
      </ br>Seeking an editor or even more than one that can spellcheck my comic. I need someone that can check for misspellings, correct verbal conjugation, and maybe suggest a wider vocabulary on the dialogues. I will ask for someone patient, as English isn't my mother language.  18+ for age.

      No financial compensation.


      =======Seeking Colorists=======

      Learn more about us here:

      If you are interested, please color this test page and link us so that we may see your work.

      Contact Info: Captain Lucky (AKA Corey Holden)



      Send a note to Curious-Josh to learn more about the job and to acquire a test page to color.

      =======Seeking Inkers=======

      =======Seeking Publicists=======

      =======Seeking Graphic Artists=======

      =======Seeking Something Else=======


      Seeking:  Screener.

      Applicant must have knowledge on screentoning, paypal, and perform an application test.

      Contact Info: Either contact me on dA or


      Seeking: Everything.

      Looking for sci-fi, horror, apocalyptic types of art/story.

      Contact Info: protoassassin1 or Patrick, note me on DA.


      If you have been placed in the wrong category, or no longer wish to be listed (such as, if you have found what you are looking for), please sent a note to the group and SkeyeDragon will take care of it, they are very dedicated. If they are busy, I'll handle it.

      How To Be Added

      In order to be added here, we ask that you send the group a note with:
      • Your name (penname, nickname, whatever)
      • What you're seeking
      • If you are offering financial compensation. (If you are, and it's over $3 a page, you are welcome to post a journal about the project, the compensation, and your needs in order to get more attention)
      • Preferred Genres/Styles (If you have one, such as if you are seeking a manga style artist, we don't want to refer someone who only does realism, or 3D)
      • A link to a journal/website page detailing what you are requiring.
      • If you require something done as an audition
      • Contact Info
      Please note, we greatly prefer it if you can offer some form of compensation... even if it's something as simple as "I can pay them in DA points". This will allow us to keep an eye out for anyone stating they will do comics for points. The more compensation you can offer ($5 per non-colored page, 30% of the profit made from all book sales, 30% of ad revenue, 30% of merchandising profits, business cards, publish their comic, etc.), the better your chances of finding someone. Even if the comic is just a hobby for you, the person assisting you is giving up their free time to do this. We will not be able to seek out anyone willing to work for free, it will be up to the individual to find you here and contact you. However, if you offer compensation, we'll go through and see if anyone has posted that they will do comics which fits your budget and refer them to you.
      Tips and guidelines
      To those of you seeking someone:
      When posting here, realize it may take months to find someone, so it is beneficial to link back to this listing everywhere you can, so that yourself, and everyone else, has a better chance at being found.
      Never underestimate the value of a contract. If you need help with one, contact Ravyn, as she has experience with them.
      Be friendly and respectful, if a colorist is late, contact them right away, but do not be accusatory, be inquisitive instead, and polite. You do want this to be a professional relationship, especially if you are paying, but a friendly one is also beneficial to you both.
      Exchange as much contact information with each other as you can. IM, email, phone, you should both be able to get in touch with one another very easily! I often recommend giving them a friend's email address in case you lose your internet or computer.
      Make your deadlines known. If/when possible, create a calendar that's easily viewable between yourself and your partner(s). A Google Document can be very efficient and handy for this.
      Keep a list of when each page is due, the update schedule, as well as any conventions, signings, events, etc. that are coming up and details about them.
      Share credit. Especially if your finances are low, do your best to help out your partner(s). If they are the artist, it may be a good idea to have their name on every page. Also, understand that all financial tasks related to the comic are up to you, as the creator. If they offer, that's great! But don't demand or expect it, just be joyful if your team offers. Understand their money and time is precious, just as yours is. Even if they draw/color/edit/promote/etc. fast, they are still taking the time they could be doing something else to do work for you.

      If you're offering a skill:
      As Manga Creators has stated in their guide, before you work with someone, be sure you know what you are getting yourself into!
      Do not commit to a project you might bail on, as it can have rather devastating consequences. One, the person/people you are working with will lose trust in you, and may be out a good bit of money, time, effort, etc. Let your commitment level be known, and be honest about it!
      Don't go about as if you are super involved with the project, even insisting or offering ideas and changes, if you don't feel you'll be able to stick with the comic. If there is a deadline given, realize that this is like any other job, and consequences exist if deadlines are missed. Twice now, RavynCrescent  has had artists bail on her the day before a convention, with nothing done. The first time it cost her thousands, the second time it cost her hundreds (She'd learned to be wary), and had to come up with a whole new set of projects just so she would not be sitting there with an empty table as the whole focus was supposed to be on this new artist of hers.
      If you're looking for a one shot, says so. If you can be invested in a lengthy comic, also say so.
      Now, life does happen, but it is important to be very vocal and explain things to your partner(s). If your time for the comic diminishes, explain that it has right when you realize it, and see if you can help find a replacement, even if it's temporary, or see what other plans the team might have.
      Being replaced can hurt, but if you handle every situation with dignity and grace, you end up looking better for it, and will be able to use your team members as referrals for future jobs.
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Nathan123qwe Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hiorou Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
You think its posible for me look for someone that can help me with the spellcheck? Been spanish speaker need someone (or actually more than one people) to look for fix my mistakes, if thats can be a valid recuest then I will send the info that is needed.
RavynCrescent Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Sure, it seems you just need an editor :) Fill out the form and submit it to the group, you'll be listed.
Hiorou Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
The info was already send to the group with a notes, you can find it there everything that is needed, if you think there is still not enough info just tell be with what you think I have to add.
RavynCrescent Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Alright, you will be listed shortly, then
Hiorou Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
Thanks you a lot :3
Jackie-M-Illustrator Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Would it be possible to have people list on this page whether they intend to pay for the services or not? (Just saves time having to click on or email everyone individually) Thanks!
RavynCrescent Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
We did consider it! However, we want those interested to contact the creator individually about that.
For instance, someone pay say their budget is $3.00 per page. They may get offers, but see someone they want the most who is offering, but at $8.00 per page. The person who posted can still hire that individual, but won't have those with less experience trying to get the higher pay.
So it may be best to send them a letter and, right off the bat, ask.
However, I believe you bring up a good point. Many individuals may not be contacting those on the list because they fear it will be for free...

I'll add on an option that'll allow people to add a dollar sign if they are offering financial compensation.
JRXTIN Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
I'm dubious about applying for a job that doesn't say up front how much it pays.  It might really be $3 a page, or $8 a page.  Or even worse, the infamous "Paid on the back end out of profits the book will never make." 
RavynCrescent Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
*nod* I agree. We're going to start posting what the pay is, and we're now ONLY allowing journals to be made by those who are paying over a set amount... We'll only be referring people when we know exactly what's happening.

So, like, if you post on the Commission Us board saying you have a set price, we only refer you to people offering near that.

Over all, if you have the time apply for a lot of them. See what they're offering, see what they can afford, and see what can be done. If they want $5 per page, and you normally charge $8, see about if they are willing to not have the pages colored, or if they'll extend the deadline for when pages are due.

I do agree with you, though, if it's profits off a book, still need to be paid per-page... I would recommend, however, that you get a contract stating that a book will be made within X many months, with X many copies produced. If they fail to complete it, then they owe you a penalty amount.

A lot of people won't put the exact pay, because they'll say "$10 per page" and get someone who normally charges $3.00 per page, coming to them and insisting on $10. Or, they'll say $10.00 per page, and someone who does it for $12 won't apply, but that person is good enough that had they applied, they would have increased their budget to afford them.
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