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Welcome to the Comic-Makers-Club!


Our group focuses on comics! Making them and reading them! We are dedicated to supporting and assisting comic makers, as well as provide comic readers with plenty of new comics coming in daily!


:bulletred:I. :pointr: You may submit only once a day.

:bulletgreen:II. :pointr: We do not accept Work In Progress pieces. We also do not allow sketch comics. Your submission must be a completed page, or strip that is easy to read and needs no further edits.

:bulletblue:III. :pointr: This is a comic club, we only accept comics, and the occasional original comic character bio (in full color and only in the Character Bio section). We do not accept illustration artwork of comicbook characters; we really prefer full comic pages or comic covers. That being said, we do allow you to post advertisements (that are print ready pieces you would hang in a display window) in the Promotion folder, and pictures of your table and such from conventions in the Conventions folder.

:bulletpurple:IV. :pointr: Do not harass other members! Be supportive, this is a safe environment. Constructive criticism only, and only when requested. Harassment includes: Slandering anyone, not respecting the "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" rule, posting hate art, spamming, generally being a jerk.

We also have a Job Posting board, for if you are looking for partners in creating a comic, and a commission page for if you are offering commissions, or seeking someone to commission.

=====More Info=====

We aren't for people who simply love comics and do a lot of fanart and illustrations from Marvel or DC... We are for small companies, publishers, groups, and individuals who want to get their comics out there. We want to help those who have an idea for a comic, but lack the ability to draw, as well as those who can draw but need help with an idea. We want to help set up websites and edit comics for members, help them be seen at conventions and cost contests to keep people inspired!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to contact RavynCrescent via Note.

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EDIT: Thank you, everyone!! I found quite a few very talented artists by doing this, and I believe I have all I currently need!! Thank you!!


I'm seeking possibly a few talented artists who specialize in canines and felines, preferably.

You see, I make custom pet collars, specifically comic themed ones, and I'm selling them at Phoenix ComiCon.

While I was preparing my collars, I realized people would love to purchase buttons and pendants with some custom artwork, as well as collars and it lead me to decide I need an artist!

Because this is how I draw: I suck at dragons... by RavynCrescent

... No one's going to by that, or a dog that looks like that, it's... I mean, I'll improve eventually! But eventually isn't "now" so I'm going to the experts!

What I am seeking

  • Different styles of dogs! American comic style, realistic, cartoon, manga, anything. This is not a contest, of course, but I'd love to see some drawings you have done of dogs in the past!
  • Full color, with shading (any type you prefer), on a transparent background.
  • Dynamic poses
  • Adorable poses
  • Crossover art, such as what if Loki were a cat, except we already have that, done by :iconladyarrowsmith:
  • Human characters with pet versions of themselves. Inuyasha with a puppy, etc.

What is it for?

Pin-back buttons, bags, large collars, pendants, pillows, and possibly prints.
Will not be sold digitally, ever, nor will it be given to anyone else digitally for free. In no way will this art digitally exchange hands. Well, it will when you send it to me, but not after that.

Writing this up in my head was so simple.


Absolutely! I want people to post samples and pricing, please. Money is very tight, but I am no art thief, nor do I feel artists should work for free. I will gladly also offer a 50/50 split of profit made on prints, so note me with prices/deals/whatever! If I cannot afford it, then I don't get it. Simple as that.

In addition to that, if you have business cards you can send me, they'll be given out with every item featuring your artwork. Prints will have your DA page or website (whatever you prefer) on the back of every single one. I will never, ever claim to have drawn them myself, but do ask they not be sold to anyone else, please. Defeats the purpose of having original products.

So, this isn't a contest?

No, there's no time to run a contest. I need to get these done within 2 weeks, and for contests I prefer to give a few months and have a much higher budget for prizes, to be sure all participants get something.

So no! Please note me with examples and price/deal/whatever. No need to draw anything ahead of being paid, or entering anything, I just need to see some examples and get some pricing :)

I have contacted a few people on the Commission List, but wanted to check and see if there was anyone who wasn't officially doing commissions, or was new, or not on the list, or whatever.

How do we apply?

You're not paying attention at all, are you, version of myself who is asking these questions?

Send me a note :) Please include some examples, preferably of dogs and cats. Send me your pricing for this, and any deals and such we can make.

Can I get a dog/cat collar, harness, leash?

In exchange, like as an art trade? Absolutely! Just one anyways? Yes, but you'll have to pay for it.
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